So it’s been forever since I’ve updated because I’ve been traveling like a mad woman.

I’ve worked with some bombass people the past month:

Ivy of
Boyd Hambleton of Visions of Excess
JJPlush of
Motown of
Chris Nero of
Ropexpert of
JB of
Mr.Ogre of
Spud of

And soon Indy and Pandora of!

It’s been a lot of work but SO much fun experiencing the different ways everyone works. I’ve had a lot of time to think too and I may be putting in my reservation for FetishCon this year. The thought of being there makes me pretty anxious, actually.

I also am planning a Florida trip at the end of February into March.
I’m  pretty thankful for getting this opportunity to work with all of these great people and their high tolerance for my bad jokes and shenanigans. 🙂


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