Madalynn Raye: Babysitter duped three times


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Scene 1: Madalynn rushes in wearing her office outfit, a blouse, disco skirt, Platino pantyhose and clogs, to find you home alone; “I can’t believe your parents left already! I told them I was going to be like 5 minutes late! Work was terrible! But I’m here now and it’s time for bed…” But that’s not on your agenda. You tell babysitter Madalynn that you want to play a quick game! Fine, Madalynn agrees and sends you off to go get what you need. We re-open the scene and Madalynn is bound tightly with your mom’s pantyhose and cleave gagged. You leave her to struggle for her freedom.
Scene 2: Madalynn is back to babysit and wearing a white t-shirt, tight jeans, pantyhouse and canvas shoes. She’s humoring your attempts to play and decides to let you tie her up again. This time with white rope and in an improvised ball tie. She is cleave gagged again and you leave her to struggle. She eventually gets on the ground and her phone rings, she desperately tries to scoot towards it to answer the phone but is unable to. She struggles and kicks her shoes off. Eventually freeing herself and storms off in search of you.
Scene 3: Madalynn is in daisy dukes, Platino pantyhose and a tanktop wearing the canvas shoes again. She’s accepted the apology tea you’ve made her and drinks it down. Madalynn realizes something is wrong and drops the cup, falling asleep on the couch. When she awakes, she’s bound with her wrists behind her back, bound above the knees, below the knees and at the ankles. She’s been cleave gagged as well and she fights and strains to get out of her binds. She threatens that when she gets out, she’s NEVER coming back to babysit you!

Lots of gag talk, pantyhose, removal of shoes in each set, struggling and escape.

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