Madalynn Raye & David Andrews: Harsh Hogtie & Multiple Gags


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Madalynn has just arrived in her office after a hard day of shopping. She walks in to the room wearing a tank top, jean shorts, shiny pantyhose, slouch socks and sky high platform heels. She greets David who has been waiting to give her a post shopping spree therapeutic bondage session. Madalynn’s wrists are first bound behind her back, in addition a more rope is added and eventually Madalynn is picked up placed on the floor. More rope is added and eventually the damsel has a large sock stuffed in her mouth and vetwrap is wound around her head sealing the gag in place. She’s placed on her stomach and is very pissed. David decides to go above and beyond and hogties Madalynn, pulling her knees into the air and cranking down on the rope. Madalynn is left to struggle for a while, fighting against her binds, before David comes back in and unwinds the vetwrap. Madalynn spits out the sock and complains about how this isn’t wasn’t she was talking about! David has taken this too far and to let her go! David crams a ballgag in her mouth and leaves her to struggle longer. Taunting her a bit; The strain in Madalynn’s face is apparent. This has gone from fun to a terrible time fast. David then decides to take it up another notch and threatens Madalynn with a pump gag! Blowing it up and deflating it over and over. Finally, David decides it’s time to use it! He takes out Madalynn’s ballgag and shoves the pump gag in her mouth pumping it and deflating it a little, finally he blows it up as large as Madalynn’s cheeks will allow and leaves her to struggle and moan in the brutal hogtie on the floor.

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