Madalynn Raye & David Andrews: Sneaky Spy Toe-Tied


Madalynn the spy is in her office wearing disco pants and sling back heels, inspecting some pictures, when she heres a very loud noise come from the front of her hide out. She quickly decides to hide the images in a book on the shelf. Removing her high heels she sneaks off to another room to look for an item to defend herself with. As she’s scouring the room, the masked man sneaks up and grabs her. The scene fads back in with rope tied above Madalynn’s knees and her wrists secured behind her back. The bad guy stuffs Madalynn’s mouth with a white cloth and tapes it into place with 2 strips of tape that go from ear to ear. He grabs more rope and secures her arms to her torso with a chest harness. He picks her up off the ground and places her on the cold cement floor while he grabs rope for her ankles and toe ties her big toes together.
Madalynn is left on the hard floor to struggle in her binds while the intruder goes rummaging through her office looking for the images. The scene fades and Madalynn has struggled out of her ties and is untying her toes and de-gags herself; She cautiously looks around and sneaks back to her office looking for her phone but it’s not there! She sneaks back over to the other room to continue her search for a item of defense but she’s quickly overtaken by the man. She’s grabbed by the hair and marched up the stairs to a secret room; Where no one has a chance of hearing her yells. She’s again wrangled and gagged in the same fashion and the man leaves her in the small room while he goes in search of the documents again.
When he comes back empty handed he decides to up the ante; He rips Madalynn’s gag off of her face and starts interrogating her. She won’t talk so he decides to play a little game. He puts matches between her toes and tells her he’s going to light them on fire in order to get her to talk! Madalynn balks at this idea, but once she sees this guy is serious she quickly spills the beans! He re-gags her and leaves her in the room. Madalynn manages to get the toe-tie undone and is able to stand, she tries the door. It pushes open and she searches the boxes in the hallway for some sort of item to cut the rope free. Again, she’s caught and dragged back to the room. The toe tie is reapplied tighter and the door is locked. Madalynn is left in the tiny room with no one to hear her cries for help!
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