Madalynn Raye & Mr. Ogre: Pulled from Bed & Bound Outside



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Madalynn is fast asleep in her bed when the light flicks on, she’s sleeping hard as rock from a very long day of work, when a man in a leather jacket holding a ball gag creeps over to her bedside. He grabs the girl by the neck and jams the gag into her screaming mouth. Madalynn is caught under her blankets as the man overtakes her, she tries desperately to get out of his clutches but is dragged out of bed and to the floor where the man sits on her back but she manages to crawl a few inches with him on top of her before she collapses on the floor and is tied at the wrists. She continues to fight him but he uses the rope to tie her elbows together and ties her wrists to her waist forcing her into a very uncomfortable chicken wing. Her ankles and calves are tied together, she is left to struggle while the prowler goes and fetches more rope. Her thighs are bound and she is stepped on and harassed by the man. He pushes her over with his boot, pulls her off the ground by her elbow rope, even pulls her hair and taps her face a few times. She is left to struggle but he shortly returns, standing her upright she tries to hop away but he catches her. Maneuvering her to his liking he picks the damsel up and carries her out of her bedroom. When the shot reopens the man has un-wrapped Madalynn’s leg restraints and elbow tie and is dragging her through the woods via a wrist rope. She tries her damnedest to fight him but to no avail, the pine cones and rocks are too much on her soft bare feet. Madalynn is brought to a tripod and her wrists are tied to a hard point, the intruder cranks the handle and the damsel tries with all of her might and weight to prohibit the hoisting of her wrists above her head. Furthering Madalynn’s desperation, the captor ties her ankle up her wrist point; Making her vulnerable and exposed, she teeters around bending and straightening her tied leg to keep from cramping. The position becomes too much to bear and the bad devious man ties her thigh to her waist so she cannot straighten it to some point of relief. She grows desperate in this one legged position and starts lifting her other foot off the ground to keep. The poor desperate damsel is left there to struggle outdoors in her sleeping clothes.

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