Madalynn Raye & Serene Isley: Cat Burglar Mummifies Madalynn


vlcsnap-2014-02-01-17h04m29s35Madalynn has just returned home after a run. She comes in and takes off her hoodie and sneakers and notices the window is open she takes a sip of the water bottle on the coffee table. She doesn’t remember leaving the window open, but goes over and shuts it. She thinks about this a little longer and then comes to the realization that she didn’t leave a water bottle out! ¬†Soon Madalynn is on the floor and the Cat Burglar is walking in. Sitting down and pulling some electrical tape and plastic wrap out of her bag. Madalynn starts to wake up and is tape gagged and mummified! She struggles a bit as the Cat Burglar walks in and taunts her, she removes her gag so she may have a chance to call for help and leaves the house with some of Madalynn’s prized possessions.¬†Madalynn struggles in the mummification, but will anyone hear her cries?
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