Madalynn Raye: So you want to tie me up?


BHT copy
Custom Clip: Madalynn is doing ballet stretches in her black leggings, turquoise leotard and black leather ballet slippers; After a while she acknowledges your presence and you toss a length of rope at her feet. She smiles and picks it up asking “So you want to tie me up?”. The scene fades and we have Madalynn hogtied on a bed; She is not gagged because you want to see if she has it in her to get out. She struggles on the bed and rolls around desperately trying to get free. After 10 minutes of struggling, she asks you to let her go! Now, none of that Madalynn! The scene fades and we open with Madalynn’s mouth covered in a 4 inch strip of microfoam from ear to ear. The damsel is worried and angry now! She fights against the hogtie but just can’t seem to wiggle out.

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