Gag Talk/Bondage 3/21/2021
I was definitely a bit nervous doing a custom, as I haven’t commissioned one before, but that went away very quickly after talking with Madalynn. She’s very approachable, friendly, and understanding, and worked with me patiently until I sorted out what I wanted.

Once that was done, she delivered an absolute knockout of a video. She performed everything I wanted beautifully, and then brought a personal touch to everything that came out perfectly. You can tell she really knows what she’s doing, does it well, and also that she’s passionate about her work. She was quick to communicate, very helpful, and really made the experience so much more than I had expected. If you’re considering a custom, I’d definitely recommend going with Madalynn. I don’t have a single bad thing to say about any part of the process or the final product.
She’s a bondage superstar for a reason.

Bondage Studio 57751 review 2/28/2021
I Just wanted to say I love all of your POV bondage videos I have purchased. The way you sink into your character and play out the scenes all in one cut is impressive. Your words flow so flawlessly and naturally. Your talent and hard work you put into making your videos makes you one of the best out there!
Keep up the good work! 

Gag Talk 2/27/2021
Downloaded just fine with no issues 

I watched it and once again Madalynn, you delivered a wonderful work of art in my opinion! It was comical, sexy, and you were spot on with everything I was looking for with the gag-talk 
Please keep the $__ as a tip for the last two videos you created for me. I appreciate your service and I’ll for sure be doing business in the future!

Bondage 2/25/2021
Good morning Madalynn,
I’m finally able to email and thank you for your work in the custom video, things have been a little bit hectic here. Anyway, many many thanks indeed. I really liked the end-result, I was really confident that you would make a great video and I am really pleased with the end-results! I knew it was a good choice to contact you and you fulfilled and surpassed my expectations!

Executrix ASMR 2/7/2021
Great video! Really enjoy your acting and how you describe all the details. Definitely would like to get another one similar to this again! Thank you so much for filming! 

Gag Talk 2/7/2021
I want to thank you so much! You went the extra mile to not only deliver the script but also to do it in a timely manner and by keeping in character. It was a great sensation of sexiness added with humor and the ability to gag-talk a great deal is what made this custom awesome!

Self Bondage 1/17/2021
I downloaded the clip and I got to watch it. 
I enjoyed it and it came out great.  You looked and played the part of the snooping girlfriend just right.  The Point of View shooting and the editing made it look like the person watching it, was the one who tied you up and then gagged you.  All of that made the clip fun to watch.
If I have any other ideas for another custom in the future, I will share them with you. You did a great job and thank you again for making the clip for me.

Taboo 1/9/2021
Hello Ms. Raye,
I only can say wow. This was an amazing clip you did for me. Your role play is one of the best I ever seen. You did it really, really good. Yet I know why you did extra time and I’m so happy you had fun to make this clip.
You made me very happy and I think in the future I would contact you for a second part. But now I enjoy this master piece from you.
A big thank you and feel you, virtual hug

Self Bondage 12/2020
Hi Madalynn,

I want to say Thank you so much for making this video.  You did a fantastic job!!!!  It was amazing, and you also looked amazing while all tied up.  I especially loved the gag talk as well.
The ending was also great especially with the lipstick on your panties.  
I will definitely be getting another video from you in the future.  
Thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to make this for me. 

FemDom 12/7/2020

I downloaded and it was simply incredible. I don’t have the proper words to express my appreciation but it is simply perfect. I hope you are able to put it out there and have it benefit you; I look forward to expanding on that idea and/or go with more stinky boot slips but I will certainly be in touch.