Happy Belated Fourth!

I’ve been quiet for a little bit; Been shooting a lot of content lately and looking to update my stores a bit more frequently come end of summer. So y’all … Continue readingHappy Belated Fourth!

Home, sweet home!

I’ve spent the beginning of the month out of state and with family, but man, it’s good to be in my own home with my sexy clothing and pantyhose collection!While … Continue readingHome, sweet home!

Instagram Deletion

Well, if you were an instagram follower of mine and no longer can find my profile there, it’s because I’ve been deleted. Again.For “Sexually Suggestive” material that is against the … Continue readingInstagram Deletion

Pantyhose & Photo Set sale!

You read that right! I found a large bag of old hose from my early years shooting bondage/fetish that need a new home. Majority of them are control top and … Continue readingPantyhose & Photo Set sale!

Let’s give this a whirl…

So, I’m going to try this “blogging” thing again. I’ll be including pictures, maybe some short snippets of video and other updates about clips, hosiery, and whatever I feel you … Continue readingLet’s give this a whirl…