The Sticky Domme

I recently have had the pleasure of connecting with a fellow sticky producer and model and I am SO stoked to have been able to be the FIRST to view and review their newest , 15 minute release “The Sticky Domme”.

PVC, nylons and knee high Louboutin leather boots…. That get stuck in pink goop!

Can you BELIEVE that these French designer boots had the misfortune of getting stuck in  a deep sticky mess? I can’t! I waited in anxious anticipation as Ava stepped across the plush toys one by one and sunk her leather boots in the disgusting, squishy goo. As she gets in deeper and deeper, the squelching and popping get more frequent and Ava’s temper starts to flair. Her EXPENSIVE new boots are RUINED!
Just when she thinks she’s in the clear, her slave comes in and chains her arms to her torso making things interesting… The poor Domme!! Can she hold her balance like this? I have to keep eagerly watching to find out! I know the goo will definitely keep her feet in place; Especially as it inches up her platforms.

Ava is stuck. She’s bound. There’s nowhere she can go and then her impish slave appears again, and he is taking a HUGE amount of pleasure in seeing her in this state…  And definitely shows it in the end and adds to the further desecration of her lovely Louboutins!

This clip got me revved up; The boots! Ms. Ava! As a fellow woman that gets into my own stuck predicaments I so desperately wanted to help get her out and help her torture her nasty little slave

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