April Update

No April fools here, y’all!

This is a weird, wild time in the world and I just want you to know that I am still here and able to produce *most* of your fetish fantasies, provide you with worn hosiery to play with and available for chat sessions over at AVNstars!
I am also doing a lot of my business through AVNstars now. It’s how I will be accepting my payments for customs, tips/tributes, clip purchases all through that platform to keep everything nice, neat and consolidated for the 2020 year.
It is INSANELY user friendly as well. All you have to do is create your profile, click your user icon in the top right header, you’ll see a pop down tab that says payments (give it a click), and then all the information on adding your card info is right there!
Believe it or not, I have a subscription to a creators account on there, too!
It auto renews as CCBill every month on my statement and with having my subscription fee only $6.99/Month, if there’s ever a question you can always make something up like it’s a hot sauce subscription or whatever.
Be creative if you think you could get grilled about it, LOL!

Things on my side are going as well as can be expected though. I’m learning how to make various types of bread.
Working my butt off to improve my store content and quality for y’all, and really debating on how badly I need a hammock so I can lounge outside in the evenings…

OH! My birthday is tomorrow! If you missed it and feel oh so inclined, you can hit up my Amazon wishlist or head over to AVNstars (make your account if you don’t have one yet!) and send a birthday tip that way!
A win/win for the BOTH of us is if you’re in the market for some Fetish or Bondage clips, head over to my Clips4Sale store, where this month, they are allowing studios to keep ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, yes, you read that right, 100% of all the monies spent in their stores BUT you have to use the links with the /cid code at the tail end of it.

FETISH: C4S.com/75033/cida664a0735cbb4937f2343508c3
BONDAGE: C4S.com/57751/cid8948b9361de01acfeabe07658c

It is SO important you use those links with the /cid code otherwise the big man gets to keep 40% of your money.
And I only see 60%.
I’m still paying a mortgage, insurance, utilities, 2 bills and since Christmas I’ve been working with a local dog shelter to care for super old senior dogs that are in rough condition and are deemed unfit for adoption. There are out of pocket expenses for that as well that I need to maintain a certain income to make sure I can STILL provide care for these hospice cases.
By no means is this a pity party, but it’s meant to let you know whats going on in my world and how important getting that 40% would mean to me.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, commission inquiries please feel free to email me at MadalynnRaye@gmail.com.

Stay safe, stay sane and take care!

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