Instagram Deletion

Cecilia de Rafael Hyde Park Pantyhose

Well, if you were an instagram follower of mine and no longer can find my profile there, it’s because I’ve been deleted.
For “Sexually Suggestive” material that is against the terms and community guidelines.

Which is bullsauce. Showing off my pantyhose covered legs is “Sexually Suggestive” yet there are accounts with full blown porn that get reported and “Do not violate Instagrams terms”.
It’s been said before that Instagram has a war with Sex Workers.
I am a SW. I provide fantasy entertainment for my customers.
But I never thought of myself as at risk for being deleted due to my no nudity line of work. Miley Cyrus can post images of her suggestive images of her eating fruit, implied nudes, side boob hanging out and THAT is not deemed “Sexually Suggestive”? What the what? Ok.
Double Standards.

So, here I am now, using this blog, Twitter, and my Fan Club pages to try and keep the social media balls rolling in a positive direction to my sales don’t plummet.
If you’re a follower or fan, please consider joining my fan club page or going for those clips that you’ve been waiting to buy! I have quite a few new clips coming out over the next 8 weeks and I know you won’t be disappointed!

I’ll also start taking custom requests again after June 15th.

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